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Home Restaurant

In the heart of the Maremma area of Tuscany, Capalbio, there is a very small restaurant,
that makes you feel at home as a count.

The flavors and smells of rich territorial traditions,
handed down from generations,

waiting to be tasted and discovered,
even by the most expert palates.

The chef Angela always manages to surprise us
with each dish that is boiled,

eat at the Maremmano Home Restaurant
is it really something to get excited about!

What else do you want, down there?
Book now and do not forget about it!



Progetto-senza-titolo Home Restaurant Bed and breakfast a Capalbio

Good food, tradition and... the environment!

Traditional cuisine

The cook, Angela (cook historical Capalbio), always manages to surprise us with recipes and territorial sometimes with recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Local cuisine

We have researched and tasted the best of local products. One of the goals of the Maremma Home Restaurant is to promote the gastronomic products of the territory which we strongly believe are of high quality.


Our selection of raw materials, does not stop only to the good taste of our mouth, but also in the methods of production, farming used by our suppliers. We chose, in fact, the producers of excellent quality, but also more attention to the bio-diversity.

The friendly, family atmosphere

To Maremmano Home Restaurant we will do everything to make you feel at home.

During the summer you can dine in our garden at the backyard, surrounded by a quiet unique in its kind: our relaxing gazebo or a cozy porch decorated with our plants and herbs. (Pss! don't forget Recommendable!)

Yes but .. everything is pretty eh, but what do we eat?

EHH what do you eat and what do you eat!
Didn't I tell you?! And you eat really good stuff! We serve land dishes: meat from local farms, all-natural vegetables picked directly from the Capalbiese land, sauces made directly by the cook Angela, cured meats and cheeses that are so Tuscan that they speak the dialect.

capalbio-home-restaurant-2 Home Restaurant Bed and breakfast a Capalbio

Every day a different menu

Ogni giorno un menù diverso: preparati a un viaggio di gusto sempre nuovo con le nostre proposte giornaliere!

Solo il meglio del territorio: scegliamo solo ingredienti di prima qualità, da aziende locali che condividono la nostra passione per il buono e per il rispetto dell’ambiente.

Carne da urlo: la carne che gusti da noi è prodotta dall’Azienda Agricola Nardi, allevatori e macellai da generazioni in Maremma. Fidati, l’è bona!

Verdure top: l’orto arriva direttamente nel tuo piatto! Le verdure che usiamo provengono dall’Azienda Agricola La Chiocciola di Capalbio, dove coltivano ortaggi freschi e genuini, senza pesticidi, per il bene delle chiocciole (e del nostro palato!).

Vino da premio: per accompagnare al meglio i nostri piatti, abbiamo scelto i vini dell’Azienda Vinicola Santa Lucia, premiata con Slow Wine e attenta all’ambiente. Un connubio perfetto!

Un te lo perde: vieni a trovarci e preparati a un’esperienza di gusto unica, con prodotti genuini, tanta passione e un’atmosfera accogliente.

carne-alla-griglia-capalbio Home Restaurant Bed and breakfast a Capalbio

The producers who like us

la-chiocciola-di-capalbio Home Restaurant Bed and breakfast a Capalbio
macelleria-Nardi Home Restaurant Bed and breakfast a Capalbio
vini-santa-lucia-grosseto Home Restaurant Bed and breakfast a Capalbio

The prices of our menus

For anyone who is a you want to be creating anything

Menù fisso giornaliero
First Course, Second Course, Side Dish, Water and Coffee


Path of the Maremma
Starter, First Course, Second Course, Side Dish, Dessert, Water


Morellino di Scansano D. O. C. G
The fruit of its scents, its easy to drink and excellent balance make this Morellino di Scansano a pleasant glass for all day, ideal with hors d'oeuvres and first courses with meat


Maremma Toscana Sangiovese D. O. C.
In this wine we can find all the freshness, softness and consistency of a young sangiovese Maremma.


Maremma Toscana Rosso I.T.G

(Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo – Syrah)
A red wine perfect for everyday use
fresh and easy to drink.

1/4 l 5€

1/2 l 8€

Maremma Toscana Ansonica D.O.C.
The power and wealth of aromas characterize this glass of Maremma with great texture and excellent balance..


Maremma Toscana Vermentino D.O.C.
Of denseness and smoothness exuberant, the fruity notes stand out net this glass characterized by its great balance, and integrity.


Maremma Toscana Bianco I.T.G

(Vermentino & Ansonica)
A red wine perfect for everyday use
fresh and easy to drink.

1/4 l 5€

1/2 l 8€

Mixed Tuscan appetizer
minimum 2 servings


First dish


Second dish


Side dish






Liquors and spirits