Our commitment to a world that is more eco-friendly

In the Maremmano B&B always we care about topics such as global warming and environmental pollution. Within our project, in fact, since the beginning, we have tried to include systems that were not only the best for our guests, but also for our planet.

We love the Maremma, and we are aware that its protection is in need of a constant commitment to 360°.

In this page we show with great satisfaction and pride in our commitment to reach a great project: a Maremmano B&B is fully GREEN.

Our project



Born the Maremmano B&B

“Come on, let's try!” So it all began,a little to the game and a bit to try and make a difference.

The lowest possible use of single-use plastic is one of the major goals from the beginning, accompanied by the desire to use only clean energy, which comes to us, with the release of a green certificate, a manager is selected.


Restructuring and elimination of gas heating

A year of difficulties in multiple points of view, but, above all, a year of great change.

  • The first thing was the elimination of the old gas heating and replacing it with air conditioners, electric hot/cold.
  • Installation of showers, with hand shower water saving.
  • The use of an electric kettle to heat up 80% of the plant hygienic health, managing to always ensure, and without waste, just the right temperature thanks to a circuit add-on for the recirculation of water.
  • All appliances installed are energy efficiency class A or higher.
The first half of 2021

Food raw materials in a short chain

Environmental sustainability is also important to the table! For this reason, we strive, each day, in the exclusive processing of food products purchased from selected suppliers and local (where possible)

The second half of 2021

The products of sustainable cleaning

The need to clean and sanitize daily has helped us to become aware of the great influence that the cleaning product have both on the environment, both directly on the human being. Thanks to certified products GOLDEN, therefore, we have eliminated the use of any chemical product, replacing them with others is natural.


A Maremmano completely GREEN

From the beginning of our adventure, there are a lot of steps, but many remain in front of us.

In particular, in order to complete our project, we will strive to:

  • Full use of clean energy produced by photovoltaic systems
  • Completely eliminate the gas, replacing it with the more recent tecologie, such as, for example, plant and thermodynamic solar panels.
  • Install one or more columns for electric vehicle charging.